Rolex 2012 new Oyster sky-dweller mechanical watches

Innovative, sublimation and ideas: in 2012 Basel World clock show on display every new Oyster watches are fully uphold the tradition of brand independent research and development, blend of rugged, eager pursuit of the perfect energy, certainly a permanent immortal model . swiss replica watches concept - distinguished style, exquisite mosaic craft and novelty jewelry appearance connection, such as cosmographdaytona, datejust, datejustlady31, lady-datejust, day-date and day-dateii. Strap is also equipped with sophisticated easylink easily adjustable link system, easy to adjust the length of about 5 mm strap.

The commands in various status commands are more comfortable to wear. The classic continuous and sublimation - submariner, yacht-master and datejustii three classic watches in the skills and appearance further sublimation; brand new continuation of the sky-dweller watch; Oyster-style constant-sky-dweller replica watches uk performance of the deep, set for the function, simple operation and elegant features such as Rolex classic elements in one. The watch uses 904l stainless steel solid chain oyster strap and easy to adjust the latest oyster-type insurance deduction, with a safe system, to avoid accidental open.

This insurance deduction with glidelock extension system, can easily adjust the strap length, so watch can be worn comfortably outside the diving suit. Each of the timing plate of the crystal are unique, each piece are totally natural artistic creation. The watch is designed for travelers around the world to design, equipped with dual time zone display, easy to read time and easy to operate; Rolex's patented design to ensure that the watch calendar installation can distinguish 30-day Satsuki and 31 large month, the initiative to accurately display the date; More equipment is very convenient to use the patent to adjust the interface ringcommand twist the outer ring. Sky-dweller Rolex's performance reflects the innovation, with at least 14 patented design, 5 of them for the new patent. The watch is equipped with rolex replica self-developed 9001 initiative on the chain mechanical movement, has made the official recognition when the certified certification, power reserve of 72 hours.

Sky-dweller with 18ct gold, white gold and permanent rose gold three styles to choose from, the case diameter of 42 mm, the perfect performance of Rolex sublimation oyster sublimation submariner is a dive table Model, with a black cerachrom pottery ring, the appearance of the use of increased chromalight luminous hour markers and pointers, even in gloomy can also be easily read; diameter of 40mm case by the 904l Made of stainless steel, strong anti-erosion.

To obtain the official recognition to recognize the initiative when the certification on the chain 3130 mechanical movement, equipped with a self-developed by the Rolex Paramrom paramrom blue gossamer, by the labor Unique alloy. The new Oyster Perpetual Submariner watch was introduced in 1953, the classic style of continuous and sublimation, in the consolidation, legibility and reliability on the further, thus solidifying this one Legendary style permanent durable position.

Rose gold oyster-style constant-action day-date Finally, a series of jewelry with the appearance of the noble style further highlights the charm of diamonds and precious stones: 36mm 18ct permanent rose Oyster-style constant-action day-date, with a triangular pit pattern outer, chocolate color appearance, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock mark with a rectangular ruby. Coupled with the appearance of champagne 31mm 18ct gold oyster-style constant Moving datejustlady31, the outer ring on the fine mosaic of 48 diamonds, 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock mark each set with 16 rubies.